Jolly Phonics

At St. Luke’s all children from Nursery to Year 2 have a daily, fun and interactive phonics session.  We use Jolly Phonics, as it is an interactive, fun and musical way into the world of phonics.  Each day begins with a Jolly Phonics session in Reception and Year 1 as it feeds into their other lessons that involve reading and writing.  The children respond well and recall the songs and actions for each sound.  In Nursery, the children will begin Phonics in January through singing and games.

Reception - Year 2 enjoy daily sessions where they learn:

·         Phonemes and Graphemes

·         Blending and segmenting

·         Grammar sessions for years 1-2

·         Spellings of tricky words

·         Reading

This programme is a fun and active way to get all children involved in phonics!

Please click here for a phonics presentation with further information.


At St. Luke’s, we aim to address the many different ways children develop the ability to read as well as fostering a love of reading.  Daily Supported Reading (DSR) works alongside our phonics programme to provide children with the opportunity to use their phonic knowledge to sound out words, while also giving the children a bank of other reading strategies.  DSR is a programme that provides children with the opportunity to read daily in small focus groups of no more than 6 children to one adult.  The small group focus is what makes this time so special to the children, as they are able to share their accomplishments in these groups and receive constant support and feedback throughout the session. Children are introduced to a text every 2 days and are able to listen to it being told, read the story independently to an adult, construct sentences from the book and explore the text through questions and retelling.  Children can be constantly assessed and moved on quickly through this scheme. DSR begins half-way through the Reception year and runs through until your child is a fluent reader.  They are then moved into a new programme called Destination Reader. ​


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