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M​icrosoft Showcase School


St Luke's, and partner school Harbinger, have engaged with Microsoft to grow our whole-school digital platform. We are building a digital vision for our school community, in-line with our own values and vision, as well as incorporating the Microsoft 21st Century Learning design:










We seek to promote core values within our children that will prepare them for a successful life. They should be:

  • Showing perseverance and enthusiasm as they engage in their journey of digital learning

  • Striving towards high personal standards and excellence in all that they do

  • Co-operative and collaborative, developing strong partnerships, equipped with the digital skills and knowledge empowering them to innovate and collaborate

  • Using digital technologies fairly and safely; showing empathy and kindness, establishing honest and respectful relationships, making responsible decisions

  • Resilient and determined, showing great courage and a willingness to be responsible and active participants in current and future stages of education and employment.

  • We have been exploring and using technology to enhance teaching and learning across both schools.

  • Leaders in school have explored and applied the use of tools to transform the way we engage with the wider school community, including parents.

  • Samantha O'Leary from our Global Training Partner, Tablet Academy, worked with teachers in KS2 to explore how technology can support our school priorities, specifically Assessment and Developing Pupil Voice.

  • To enable inclusive environments, we have deployed the use of Teams and other Office 365 apps across the school, including all pupils, teaching staff, the Office Team (HR, Finance, Admin) and Pastoral Team. Ensuring everyone in school has accessibility is vital in all moving forward in our educational transformation and experiencing the benefits.

  • As part of our commitment to transform, we have included objectives related to the Education Transformation Framework in our School Development Plan.


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