Our Vision and Our Mission

Our Vision

At St. Luke’s, we are standing up for the truth of Christ and love of God. As a diverse community, we have values that are understood and accessible to people of all beliefs and world views.

Our Mission

St. Luke’s is a caring Church of England Primary School that is committed to supporting our pupils to be happy, successful, generous and fulfilled throughout their lives. We believe that each of us is unique and valued by God—all made in his image. And so we aspire to provide an outstanding education for all. We do this by:

  • Promoting the highest standards of teaching and learning, with excellent leadership

  • Being inclusive, celebrating diversity including all religions, faiths, cultures and backgrounds

  • Providing a rich and stimulating curriculum that will inspire and challenge all our learners

  • Being a safe, healthy and happy place

  • Providing excellent care, guidance and support

  • Having a strong partnership between school, parents and the community

We seek to promote core values within our children that will prepare them for a successful life. They should be:

  • Hardworking, showing enthusiasm for their learning and striving towards high personal standards and excellence in all that they do;

  • Kind and respectful with excellent manners;

  • Co-operative and collaborative, developing strong partnerships for learning, personal and spiritual growth and development;

  • Honest and trustworthy treating others fairly and safely;

  • Resilient and determined, showing great courage and a willingness to take responsibility for the impact that they have on others;

  • Highly principled with moral, spiritual, cultural and social awareness, including shared British Values.

The diagram below shows how the school's Christian ethos, vision, mission and values all work together and underpin our curriculum goals:


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