Wider Curriculum 

The table below shows how our school values are reflected across the wider curriculum framework through our key questions:



















































Our Identity as a School (INTENT): 


At St. Luke’s we want to make sure that our curriculum reflects the diverse yet very distinct community that we serve. 

Considering the local context, there are three areas we want to support our pupils with: 

  • Change/resilience

  • Celebrating differences

  • Raising aspirations


Learning Guarantees (IMPLEMENTATION):


Our creative curriculum will allow students to develop: independence, creativity, reflective learning, teamwork, resilience, empathy, problem solving, commitment to justice and social change.


Our creative curriculum empowers children to:

  • Connecting: seeing relationships and combining in new ways

  • Risking: having the self-confidence and freedom to fail and keep trying

  • Envisaging: being original and imaginative about what might be

  • Analysing: asking critical and challenging questions

  • Thinking: taking time for reflection and soft thinking

  • Interacting: sharing ideas and collaborating

  • Varying: testing options and trying in different ways

  • Elaborating: exploring and fiddling and doing the unnecessary with love!

  • Analyse and evaluate

  • Show empathy

  • Explore problems from different perspectives

  • Use evidence to support opinions 

  • Explore

  • Recognise how they can impact their environment and community

  • Show a commitment to justice

  • Recognise their roles as a global citizen

  • Work towards a goal

  • Adapt as circumstances change

Every year, children will visit or experience:

  1. An art gallery

  2. A place of historical importance

  3. A place of worship

  4. A place of local importance

  5. A live professional music performance

We want every child to have the opportunity to grow their specialist skills and see connections between subjects and within life and beyond the school.


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