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Equality Objectives

With school values of fairness and respect, our Equality Objectives are central to our school's Mission.

The Governors of our school, after careful consideration, decided to link our Equality Objectives to raising the achievement of our children who are more vulnerable to not achieving well because of a range of characteristics that impact upon their access to and readiness to learn. The Governors of our school want us to remove any barriers to learning to enable all children to be able to achieve well and live their lives fully.

Furthermore, the Governors of the school want us to provide a curriculum that celebrates and embraces our diversity, where everyone can feel included and be inspired to achieve well. 

As outcomes for our policy and objectives we strive to ensure:

  • All pupils are treated equally and as favorably as others.

  • All reasonable adjustments are made to promote equal opportunity and equal treatment of all members of the school community.

  • All pupils have their individual needs met, taking full account of their age, disability, gender, gender-identity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation in accordance with the requirements of The Single Equality Act 2010


Please click here for the school's Equality Policy 2017 - 2022

Please click here for a review of the Equality Objectives 2017-2021

Please note that due to the Covid pandemic the Governors of the school made the decision to extend the objectives for 2017 - 2021, as they remained relevant, until the next set of robust achievement data became available for the school. The children did set assessments in 2022, but at the point of writing this in January 2023, the data for disadvantaged pupils had not been shared with schools and furthermore, the 2022 data is not being published nationally. As such the school has reviewed the 2017 - 2021 objectives in the attachment above but awaits further national data to conclude that task.

Please click here for our revised Equality Policy for 2022 - 2025 including our Equality Objectives

These have been discussed by the governors in the Curriculum Committee and are being recommended to governors at their next meeting of the Full Governing Body scheduled for Tuesday 28th March 2023.

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