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St. Luke’s PTA is a group of parents, carers and school staff, who volunteer our time and efforts to support the school through; fundraising, fostering links between the school, families and our local community and arranging fun events for the school community. We have had Multi Cultural Evenings, Bonfire Nights with Fireworks and Discos. 

Anyone can volunteer to join the PTA and support in any way they can and their service will be hugely appreciated.

Over the last few years, our PTA have raised over £25,000 for the school, most of which has been invested in the school grounds.

We are currently focusing on raising money to purchase a staging system for the school hall.

Click here to see the PTA committee structure.

To find out more, keep an eye on the weekly newsletter sent home by the school where you will see regular updates.

To get in touch, please contact us at: 


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