“The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St. Luke’s Isle of Dogs as a Church of England school are outstanding”

Collective Worship

Daily Collective Worship at St. Luke’s School is a very special time when the whole school community is gathered together each day.

Daily Collective Worship at St. Luke’s provides a key focal point of the school day where stories from the Bible, Christian values and themes are explored in depth.

The headteacher, other senior leaders and the clergy team work in partnership to ensure Collective Worship celebrates God as Creator, Jesus as the Son of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, in the lives of believers.  The importance of the Bible and the Church as the foundations of Christianity are also celebrated.  Shared values such as fairness, responsibility, kindness and honesty enrich our daily act of worship and our lives.

While St Luke’s is a Church of England school, we are committed to respecting individual beliefs. We celebrate the rich diversity of all the members of our school and seek to have a cohesive, harmonious community.  Whilst collective worship will always reflect the Christian ethos of our school, we respect and acknowledge the variety of religious observances which are represented in our school and within the wider community.

Children are active participants in Collective Worship as well as leaders and evaluators. All children will be involved in leading Collective Worship each year. Children embrace opportunities to write prayers, for Collective Worship as a whole community and for use in class.

Evaluation and feedback has shown us that Collective Worship makes a significant contribution to the children’s understanding of their place in the world and their personal sense of spirituality. Children evidence that Collective Worship helps them to learn how to respect, understand and value the views of others.

Read our SIAMS 2017 report here.

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To read more about our approach to Collective Worship at St Luke's - please read our policy which can be found in the policies section of this website, under 'About Us'.

This is what some of our children say about Collective Worship at our school:

All quoted in our SIAMs Report –
December 2017

Collective worship helps them ‘think about the school’s values and how to use them all every day’.

RE ambassadors speak about how the school’s values and worship ‘helps us think about our journey in the world’ and ‘how we can make a difference’.

Children explain how worship can ‘make us feel as if we are overflowing with love’ and that we can ‘go out into the world’ knowing we are ‘loved and supported’.