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It is compulsory for all children to wear their school uniform correctly, at all times. A selection of the school uniform is available for purchase at the office with the  school logo embroidered on to it but it is not compulsory. The following items can be purchased from all standard school uniform retailers, since it is the colour not brand that is compulsory.

  • Navy school trousers, school skirt, school pinafore dress or school shorts

  • White shirt or polo shirt

  • Plain navy jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt

  • Black shoes

  • Blue and white gingham dress (summer)

  • No jewellery may be worn apart from one single small stud in each ear


  • Blue shorts

  • Plain white round necked T-shirt

  • Plimsolls (indoor) trainers (outdoor)

  • No jewellery may be worn.


  • Swimming costume/trunks

  • Swimming hat

  • Towel

  • No jewellery may be worn.

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