Year 3 – Lemon Class and Oak Class

Our names are John Cavendish and Anna Bingham and we will be teaching in Year 3 this year. Supporting the teaching and learning will be support staff Alasma, Laura, Rita and Tam.

John Cavendish – Class Teacher

Anna Bingham - Class Teacher

Alasma Ulhusna - Support Staff

Laura Short – Support Staff

Rita Ashrifi – Support Staff

Sarah Daley - Support Staff

Tam Ly-Watts - Support Staff

Key Class Information:

General Class Information (Teachers, topics, trips...)

Summer 2 Class newsletter

Spring 2 Class newsletter

Spring 1 Class newsletter

Autumn 2 Class newsletter

Oak Class' Autumn 1 Class newsletter

Lemon Class' Autumn 1 Class newsletter

Learning this half term

Summer 1 Chronology for Learning

Spring 2 Chronology for Learning

Spring 1 Chronology of Learning

Autumn 2 Chronology of Learning

Autumn 1 Chronology of Learning

Mass & Assemblies

Mass is every Monday from 9:15 – 10am. All are welcome.

Look out for dates of our class assembly in the newsletter!


Summer 1 spellings

Spring 2 homework

Spring 1 homework

Autumn 2 homework

Autumn 1 homework


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