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Our intent

At St. Luke’s we aim to provide every child with access to a high-quality music curriculum, which will provide them with a solid foundation in musical skills and build every child’s love of the subject through high-quality musical experiences. We seek to provide all children with the opportunity to learn to play a variety of contrasting musical instruments during their time here in the hope that they will develop an affinity with at least one of them and feel motivated to develop their playing further. Furthermore, we feel it is essential that all children learning an instrument also learn to perform that instrument and as such provide a wealth of concert opportunities throughout each year.

The National Curriculum programme of study is as follows: 













Music is an integral part of the Early Years curriculum. In both Nursery and Reception, the children have an abundance of opportunities to listen and respond to music. Below is an example of how the music curriculum is embedded in the Early Years:

















Planning and Delivery

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we base our curriculum on the ‘Music Express’ scheme which includes lessons in listening, composing and performing, and which builds skills from year to year. This music provision is further enhanced by our partnership with Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service (THAMES). From Year 1 through to Year 6, children are taught weekly lessons in percussion, brass and string instruments, in our dedicated music room, led by fully qualified tutors.

All children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 participate in weekly singing assemblies, and all children have the opportunity to perform throughout the year in class assemblies and the school nativities. At St. Luke’s we are also very proud of our termly concerts, where children from across the school perform, in groups and as solo artists, showcasing their singing and instrumental skills. This now also incorporates our school choir, which is open to all Key Stage 2 children.

Please see our development plan for Music here.

Music Projects 2022/23



The Spring Music Concert


This was the most performers we have ever managed to pack into the concert, so a significant achievement for everyone involved from the school and from the Thames Music Service who work with us. As such it was lovely to receive this email afterwards from one of our parents:


'Thank you, Mr. Griffiths for such a wonderful concert this afternoon. I could only stay

for some of it, but it was tremendous, especially Elise with 'Fur Elise'! Absolutely

amazing pianist and only about 8 years old! The standard this year is the highest that I

have ever seen it, especially lower down the school, in Years 3 and 4 especially. Super

impressed, so confident and they all seemed to be happy and enjoying the afternoon.'


Our warm congratulations are extended to all of the children who performed and all of you who support your children's Music education.












Wish Gatherers Opera

We welcomed the English National Opera into school on Tuesday 18th April to perform their story the Wish Gatherer. It has a strong environmental focus; we hope that the children will enjoy planting the seeds they were given as part of the performance. 


We spoke to some of the children after the performance to get their feedback.

Matas in Year 3 Lemon Class: I liked the opera because it was energetic, and all the characters were really funny. I liked all the music and singing.


Layla in Year 3 Oak Class: It was really good because in the end Bumbella came back and turned into the planter which can help your dreams come true. We got our own seeds so we can plant them too and I am excited to do that.


Scarlett in Year 4 Aspen Class: I liked that the girl at the start had a similar personality to us and that she liked video games. I liked the way that they interacted with all of us.

Oscar in Year 4 Spruce Class: I quite liked that it was almost one song for the whole performance. I liked how you could see the musician's playing violins, drums, pianos and a clarinet, I think. I liked how they managed to fit their stage into our hall.


Heroes’ during Covid 19

Year 4 created the soundtrack & voice parts for these excellent videos in partnership with Stepney All Saints, Air Studios and Thames Music.























Summer Digital Concert 2021


Due to Covid Restrictions we held our Summer Concert 2021 virtually. Tutors worked with our children to produce this video celebrating music at St Luke’s.



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