Our intent

At St. Luke’s we aim to provide every child with access to a high-quality music curriculum, which will provide them with a solid foundation in musical skills and build every child’s love of the subject through high-quality musical experiences. We seek to provide all children with the opportunity to learn to play a variety of contrasting musical instruments during their time here in the hope that they will develop an affinity with at least one of them and feel motivated to develop their playing further. Furthermore, we feel it is essential that all children learning an instrument also learn to perform that instrument and as such provide a wealth of concert opportunities throughout each year.

The National Curriculum programme of study is as follows: 













Music is an integral part of the Early Years curriculum. In both Nursery and Reception, the children have an abundance of opportunities to listen and respond to music. Below is an example of how the music curriculum is embedded in the Early Years:

















Planning and Delivery

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we base our curriculum on the ‘Music Express’ scheme which includes lessons in listening, composing and performing, and which builds skills from year to year. This music provision is further enhanced by our partnership with Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service (THAMES). From Year 1 through to Year 6, children are taught weekly lessons in percussion, brass and string instruments, in our dedicated music room, led by fully qualified tutors.

All children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 participate in weekly singing assemblies, and all children have the opportunity to perform throughout the year in class assemblies and the school nativities. At St. Luke’s we are also very proud of our termly concerts, where children from across the school perform, in groups and as solo artists, showcasing their singing and instrumental skills. This now also incorporates our school choir, which is open to all Key Stage 2 children.


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