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Our Intent

As a Church of England primary school, Religious Education is at the heart of our curriculum. Through delivering a high quality R.E curriculum we equip our pupils to have an in depth experience and knowledge of Christianity as a living faith. Our pupils understand that Christianity has shaped British culture and heritage whilst also exploring and learning about other religions and world views. We believe that as well as children learning about different religions and world views they should also learn to question their own beliefs and those of others, make links between Christianity and other religions and understand they are a valued and active part of a local, national and worldwide community. By giving children the opportunity to reflect upon their own beliefs and understand and empathise with the beliefs of others we aim to foster a love for the world we live in and an openness to learning for our pupils, represented by our school motto of ‘Hearts overflowing with Truth and Love.’ Throughout our RE teaching, we celebrate differences by teaching children about different faiths and cultures. Children are given the time to discuss their own beliefs and respectfully learn about and discuss the beliefs of others. Our R.E. curriculum teaches children to understand that change is a natural part of life, allowing them to develop their resilience. We raise aspirations in R.E. by thinking about how we can lead a good and meaningful life, and how different religions and world views help people to lead a fulfilled life.

Download the updated R.E. curriculum map here.

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