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100th Anniversary of Armistice

Through the week, we covered thought-provoking lessons about Remembrance Day. In assembly, we shared our learning, which included art work, cookery, poetry and drama. Some classes attended an exhibition at the Olympic Park called ‘Shrouds of the Somme’, where they met the artist Rob Heard. He helped them to understand how his exhibition was designed to recognise those who made the ultimate sacrifice during The Battle of the Somme. Additionally, School Council attended the Island Gardens Memorial Plaque and Christchurch services and a group of Year 5s visited St Matthias Community Centre, bringing some lemon and poppy seed cake and poems to share.

Emily’s recount of the trip to the Island Gardens Memorial:

Today the school council has gone to a Remembrance Service at the Friends of Island Gardens memorial garden. As we walked into the memorial garden, Mr. Pemberton (president of the Friends of Island Gardens) gave us poppies so at the end we could show our respects to the fallen soldiers. We got a wreath with a note that we could say thank you on. I wrote, “Thank you for showing all of our school values, may you rest in peace”. As we arranged ourselves in our schools, a man leading the ceremony said to get prepared to do a two minutes’ silence. The trumpeter started playing the ‘last post’, we stood in silence listening to it.  We stood in silence and payed our respects to the fallen solders that put their lives forward to fight in war. Now we were getting ready to do our performances. First up was Cubitt Town, they walked up to the front with their ukuleles and announced that the song that they were going to sing was ‘Autumn Leaves’. They started playing a tune and started singing. When they were finished, Canary Wharf College came up and started saying a poem about the Fallen Solders. Next was George Green – they started singing a song that helped us to think about the war. We finished the ceremony by singing the national anthem. Before we left, we put our poppies into a metal grate as part of a display to show our respect and partnership with the community. I thought it was good to pay our respects to show people who had shown kindness and courage to those who went into war to protect their and our future.

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