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All Together School Silver Status

Last Summer, St Luke’s signed up to the ‘All Together’ programme, in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Alliance. This was a whole-school anti-bullying programme designed to audit our existing practice around anti-bullying and well-being and develop an action plan tailored to our school’s needs. Over two terms, we created and conducted pupil surveys to gather more information about children’s well-being; we shared the definition of bullying and the impact it has on learning through PSHE lessons; we raised awareness during Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day; staff began CPD certified training in this area; and the School Council developed a child-friendly Anti-Bullying policy to inform children about the different types of bullying and how to report it. We plan to publish and share this with every child in school. The school was awarded the All Together School SILVER status for demonstrating a commitment to stopping bullying and improving the wellbeing of our pupils.

We will continue to build on this good work! As part of our PSHE, we will keep revisiting the themes of bullying and ensure we celebrate the difference and diversity of all pupils, a key intent of our Wider Curriculum. We will gather pupil and parent voice in this area again through School Council and surveys, also working alongside our link Governors for Anti-Bullying and PSHE. In the future, we also plan to develop a team of staff and pupil Well-Being Ambassadors.

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