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Ash Wednesday

Our Year 6 RE Ambassadors Reggie and Lily reported on our Ash Wednesday service:

"First we went into the church and Father Tom discussed what we would be doing ... we have done it every year since we joined the school.

Father Tom explained to us that the ash was from burnt palm leave crosses from our Palm Sunday service the year before. He talked about the idea of walking and sharing his own pilgrimage to the Saint James of the Field of Stars (Santiago De Compostela) which is where St James’s remains were buried. He used this to explain the idea of Ash Wednesday as the start of going on a journey and concentrating on what is important in the lead up to Holy week.

After that, he blessed us saying,

“You were made from the ash and to the ash you will return.” Genesis 3:19

He also talked about the importance of carbon and that like the dust all of us are made from carbon.

We think Ash Wednesday is important because it is the start of Lent. Lent is important because it is when Jesus went to the desert and resisted the temptation of the devil while fasting. So, often Christian’s give up something to remember this."

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