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Pupil Parliament

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

On Wednesday we hosted our Spring session of the Isle of Dogs Pupil Parliament. Our Year 5 & 6 school councillors were joined by school councillors from St Edmunds, Harbinger, Arnhem Wharf and Cubitt Town to consider how best to reduce violent crime on the Isle of Dogs.

The children suggested ways in which we could focus on promoting kindness both in our schools and in our community. It was fantastic to hear them speak so eloquently and enthusiastically about their ideas. After the children had discussed their ideas in mixed school groups they then planned what 3 changes they would like to bring about in their own school.

In the evening, 4 children from St Luke’s school council spoke to Tower Hamlets council at Town Hall about the parliament and petitioned the council to do more to reduce violent crime on the Isle of Dogs and promote kindness.

It was a great experience for our school councillors and they were able to meet the mayor and speaker of the council. The councillors in attendance were full of praise for the courage shown by the children in speaking out to try and achieve a positive change in their community.

A recording of the council session can be found here

Our children feature from approximately 12 minutes into the recording.

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