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Virtual visit to Parliament

Virtual visit to Parliament School councillors in Years 3 - 6 took part in an online workshop with the Parliament education team via Microsoft Teams this week. They learnt about the difference between the Houses of Commons where MP's are elected and the House of Lords where experts in their field are invited to sit. The children learned about the role that the House of Lords has in creating new laws. They talked about how the values they need to be school councillors are shared by Members of Parliament. They were also informed about the MP for our constituency is Apsana Begum and that they can let her know about issues in our local area so that their views are represented in Parliament. Stanley, in Year 6, said that he wouldn't like to be an MP or a Lord as it would be too stressful! When Morgan in Year 4 was asked how someone could 'get in' to the House of Lords he suggested that they might use the door he could see at the back of the picture. Our school council are meeting regularly even during Lockdown and had their last meeting via video call last Friday afternoon where they discussed home learning. If you are interested in finding out more about parliament you can use these links: Virtual 360 Tour of Parliament:

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