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Wish Gatherer Opera

We welcomed the English National Opera into school on Tuesday 18th April to perform their story the Wish Gatherer.

It has a strong environmental focus; we hope that the children will enjoy planting the seeds they were given as part of the performance.

We spoke to some of the children after the performance to get their feedback.

Matas in Year 3 Lemon Class: I liked the opera because it was energetic, and all the characters were really funny. I liked all the music and singing.

Layla in Year 3 Oak Class: It was really good because in the end Bumbella came back and turned into the planter which can help your dreams come true. We got our own seeds so we can plant them too and I am excited to do that.

Scarlett in Year 4 Aspen Class: I liked that the girl at the start had a similar personality to us and that she liked video games. I liked the way that they interacted with all of us. Oscar in Year 4 Spruce Class: I quite liked that it was almost one song for the whole performance. I liked how you could see the musician's playing violins, drums, pianos and a clarinet, I think. I liked how they managed to fit their stage into our hall.

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