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Zoom with Reculver

Zoom with Reculver

Our classes have linked up last week with our partners in Reculver Kent.

The opportunity to speak to children at another school has really helped the children to focus on our school motto of Hearts Overflowing with Truth and Love which comes from The Bible story The Road To Emmaus. There is also a value in terms of the children at Reculver hearing from a more culturally diverse school like St Luke’s in line with our anti racism work.

These were some of the children's responses in Year 1:

Ella: In the morning we had an assembly by Miss Shepherd about R.E. our school motto and our Bible story.

Delilah: We learnt that our school motto is hearts overflowing with truth and love. William: It’s from the story Road to Emmaus. Damian: We know that at Easter Jesus had died on a cross.

Ismael: Two men were walking with Jesus, but they didn’t know it was him.

Leo: They brought Jesus to Emmaus and had dinner and on the way, Jesus had said about stories from the bible.

Saidou: When they broke the bread, they noticed that it was Jesus and they wanted to share the good news with other people.

Zen: This means that we show kindness and all of our school values to others.

Vaun: We did some painting to show truth and love I did a painting of a bird with hands as feathers to show kindness.

Layla: I did a painting of four hands in the middle of a big love heart as I thought it showed hearts overflowing with truth and love. Alexandra: We also made a display of hearts and what we are thankful for I am thankful for my mum.

Hamza: Christians are thankful for Jesus sacrificing himself for people's sins.

Zen: I am thankful for our school and values, and we want to share these with our family and community.

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