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Due to our “relentless drive to make improvements in the school…the proportion of pupils working above age-related expectations is increasing over time.”

Ofsted 2016


Our School Values

Welcome to St Luke's C of E Primary School

Hearts overflowing with truth and love

I am really happy to welcome you to St. Luke’s C.E. Primary School where we are committed to supporting our children to be happy, successful, generous and fulfilled throughout their lives.


We believe that each of us is unique and valued by God – all made in his image and so we aspire to provide an outstanding education for all.

We pride ourselves that we know each and every child inside out. We do our best to help each child find their strengths and talents so that they can be challenged and then flourish. 


The impact of our school’s values, ‘safety, responsibility, kindness, respect, enthusiasm, partnership, fairness, honesty, excellence and courage’, in a Christian context, permeates the life of the school impacting on children’s personal, spiritual and academic development. In practice, this means our children are knowledgeable and want to achieve their very best.


At St. Luke’s we are on a journey together. We value our partnership with Christ Church which contributes to our distinct and rich Christian ethos as well as all partners in children’s well-being and learning. We encourage all members of our community to live and work by the school’s Christian vision, ‘Hearts overflowing with truth and love’, the origin of which lies in the Gospel of St. Luke, when the disciples are on the road to Emmaus.   


Rebecca Abrahams,
Executive Headteacher 

Together we strive to promote an understanding and respect of the diverse communities of ‘the Island’ that we serve and we hope that this is evident in the quality of relationships enjoyed by the school community.


If you would like to get a clear sense of our school, please read our SIAMs Report from December 2017, available on this website.


If you would like to come and visit us, please contact the school office on 0207 987 1753 and we will look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

Rebecca Abrahams

Parent Calendar

Term Dates

Autumn Term 2021:

6th September to 17h December 2021
(Half term - 25th October to 29th October 2021)

Spring Term 2022:

5th January to 1st April 2022
(Half term - 14th February to 18th February 2022)

Summer Term 2022:

19th April to 21th July 2022
(Half term - 30th May to 3rd June 2022)

School Closures:

INSET days - 1st, 2nd & 3rd September 2021
4th January 2022
5th May 2022

Bank Holidays - 25th & 26th December

New Year's Day 3rd January 2022
Good Friday 15th April 2022
Easter Monday 18th April 2022

May Bank Holiday 2nd May 2022

Spring Bank Holiday 2nd June 2022

Queen's Platinum Jubilee 3rd June 2022

Summer Bank Holiday 29th August 2022. 

Press here for the 2021.22 Term dates

Our Latest News

Covid - 19 January 2022 update for parents and carers:

We are really looking forward to being able to welcome all children and staff back to the school for the start of the Spring term on Wednesday 05 January 2022. 

To enable the smooth running of the school, with the intention of ensuring minimal disruption to children's learning and education, having considered the full range of advice and guidance available to us from the DfE and Public Health, we have made the decision to keep many safety measures in place.

Please refer to these key pieces of information to help you prepare for your child's return to school:

The school's Covid Secure Risk Assessment

An additional Risk Assessment, for the use of our Swimming Pool during this time: Swimming Pool Risk Assessment

There remains the possibility that some children may need to self isolate at some point and so for that reason, please find here a copy of our Remote Learning guidance.

Furthermore, we have to hold in mind that the Covid virus remains part of our daily lives. As such, there may come a time when further restrictions need to be put in place, if only for a short time, to curb the transmission of the virus. In preparation for that possibility please see the following, which details what we may have to do, if further restrictions do arise.

The school's Outbreak Management Plan

We recognise that following the disruption that many children have experienced, some children may be feeling anxious about the start of the new school term. As always, staff will be vigilant to children's needs however if you have any particular concerns, please do not hesitate to share those with us. Under the Parents' section of this website, you can see details of the full range of support for children's well being that we have here and so rest assured, if there are concerns, we will be able to help.

Please note that our wrap around care provision is available from the first day that the children return: Before School club from 7:30am and Energy Kidz after school club from 3:30pm until 6pm. 

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting our Executive headteacher, Rebecca Abrahams on 07932 995 213 or email her on:


With thanks to all in our community for their continued patience and understanding during this challenging time. 

What to do in relation to positive cases of Covid-19

If your child has a positive test result, if this is identified during normal school hours, please call the school office on 0207 987 1753 or email as soon as you are able to to alert us so that we can then take the required action to keep people safe.

If you receive the positive test result outside of working hours (after 5pm during the working week, during the weekends or over the holidays) please phone the Executive Headteacher on 07932 995 213 and leave a voice message with your name, your child's name and your contact name. As soon as she receives the message, she will contact you to discuss it and then take the necessary steps to keep people safe. 

Please note that under the new guidance, if a child has symptoms they need to get a PCR test and self isolate until they get the results. Please alert us at school if this is happening, so that we can decide whether your child is well enough to undertake Remote Learning for the period that they are self isolating. 

If a child is a close contact of someone who has tested positively for the virus, the child is not required to self isolate but are required to do daily LFDs for 7 days to check that they do not develop the virus.

Children under 5 are not being advised to take part in daily testing of close contacts. If a child under 5 is a contact of a confirmed case, they are not required to self-isolate and should not start daily testing. If they live in the same household as someone with COVID-19 they should limit their contact with anyone who is at higher risk of severe illness if infected with COVID-19, and arrange to take a PCR test as soon as possible. They can continue to attend an education or childcare setting while waiting for the PCR result. If the test is positive, they should follow the stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

This means that even if someone has tested positive in your household, your child can come to school, so long as they themselves do not have symptoms and have not tested positive. 


For the attention of all potential visitors to the school

We place great value on all of your support for the children's learning and well being at our school. 

In order to visit the school, please make sure that you have agreed your visit with a member of the school's leadership team in advance. When we agree your visit we will send you a copy of our visitor's guidance which is designed to enable us to facilitate your visit as safely as possible. If you need to speak to somebody about your visit, either ring the school office on 0207 987 1753 or call our Executive Headteacher on 07932 995 213.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well during this period and we look forward to our continuing partnership with you.

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